Economic impact

Déchargement de sel routier ClearLane au Port de Valleyfield
Chargement de monorails Bombardier au Port de Valleyfield
Le Port de Valleyfield dispose d'une rampe à chargement horizontal de type Ro/Ro
Chargement d'un navire au Port de Valleyfield

The Port of Valleyfield has been a key player in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield’s economy for the last 50 years. Through its many services, the Port directly contributes to the region’s economy and employment.

The Port of Valleyfield’s economic impact in numbers:

- The Port of Valleyfield is one of six commercial supraregional ports in Quebec and one of sixteen industrial port zones identified by the provincial government;

- Average annual tonnage (2011–2015) of 583,189 metric tonnes;

- Average annual traffic (2011–2015) of 115 ships;

- Strong potential for development thanks to 140,000 square metres of vacant lots.

In order to ensure that its operations run smoothly and efficiently, the port counts on operating partners to help coordinate its transport and logistics activities. The ten businesses located within the port zone generate:

- 305 direct jobs;

- $46M of GDP annually;

- $9M (Quebec) and $3M (Canada) in tax revenues;

- $481,000 in municipal tax payments.

The project aimed at building a new berth will generate additional economic benefits for the region:

- 259 direct, indirect and induced jobs;

- $23M of GDP;

- $4.6M in revenue for governments.

Source: Study on the economic impact of the Port of Valleyfield, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, 2015

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Institut de la statistique du Québec

In early 2015, the Secrétariat aux affaires maritimes mandated the Institut de la statistique du Québec to carry out a survey on the maritime transport industry in Quebec. This survey was launched in response to the industry’s repeated requests to find solutions to the lack of recent and accurate data. The study was tabled in August 2015. To view a summary of the study, click here