By adhering to the Green Marine program in 2009, the Société du Port de Valleyfield expressed its commitment to continually reduce its environmental footprint based on a sustainable development approach.

What is Green Marine?

Green Marine is an environmental certification program targeting the North-American maritime industry.

Rigorous, transparent and inclusive, the initiative addresses key environmental issues through twelve distinct performance indicators. The program’s participants are ship owners, ports, terminals, Seaway corporations and ship yards. The cornerstone of the Green Marine initiative is its far-reaching environmental program, which makes it possible for any maritime company operating in Canada or the U.S. to reduce its environmental footprint by undertaking concrete and measurable actions.

2014 Performance Report

Green Marine’s 2014 performance report confirms an improvement in the Société du Port de Valleyfield’s (SPV) performance in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Indeed, the team was specifically focused on controlling the fuel consumption of its vehicles, most notably by reducing travel within the port site itself. These efforts were clearly rewarded, with the SPV’s rating moving from a Level 2 to a Level 3, clearly demonstrating that good, solid practices have been made an integral part of its management strategy.

Results and methodology

The results determine each participant’s ranking for each of the 12 performance indicators, on a scale of 1 to 5. Level 1 constitutes the monitoring of regulations while Level 5 indicates leadership and excellence. To obtain certification, the SPV must progress in terms of its environmental performance, which it evaluates on a yearly basis using the program’s self-evaluation guide. These results must be provided to external verifiers who have been accredited and trained by Green Marine.

In 2014, based on the 1–5 scale, the SPV’s average evaluation was 2.5, a 0.3 point improvement from 2013. Note that Green Marine’s environmental program targets specific issues such as GHGs (greenhouse gases), cargo residues, community impacts (noise, dust, odors, luminous pollution), prevention of water and soil pollution and environmental leadership.

The SPV also strongly encourages its operating partners to adopt exemplary environmental practices. Besides the SPV, Valport, Valleytank and McAsphalt, all three of which are located within the port site, are also members of Green Marine.